A new company.
A lasting commitment.

A brand new company with over 160 years of experience.

We’ve learned a lot in that time. During that time we’ve striven to bring compassionate care to all. To extend that mission, we’ve created Ayin, an enterprise population health company focused on bringing our time-tested expertise to providers, employers, insurance delivery networks, and government organizations.

We have a vision for the future of healthcare; to bring the best care to all, not just a fortunate few.

To light a path for others to follow.

We’re shifting away from old, costly ways of treating patients, towards a comprehensive approach; one that places value on the full experience.

Our heritage gives us perspective;

160 years of delivering compassionate, give-it-our-all care.

Our mission makes it our responsibility;

We are not spectators, but leaders.

We see vibrancy and value in every life.

We are Ayin.

With the means to leverage and extend our leadership, insights and expertise to others, we can reach farther, have more impact and better serve the whole population on every level, at every moment, everywhere.

This is our vision.

Join us, and together we can reimagine the future of healthcare.

Divine inspiration,
local touch.

At Ayin, we help you see the opportunities in the challenges you face. Why the name? The word Ayin is the 16th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, representing “the eye to see.” Beyond seeing the visible world, the eye we embody sees the greater meaning of things. It symbolizes not only the eye of God, but a divine light that touches everything. It’s fitting that we chose Ayin, because we want to ensure everything we touch improves the lives of patients in our communities.

Let's reimagine the future of healthcare together.

We draw upon our capabilities as an integrated delivery system of providers, experts, and insurers to provide more impact to those you serve — on every level, at every moment. By leveraging and extending our insights and expertise, we can help transform your organization.