Frequently Asked Questions

Learn all about Ayin.

Ayin Health Solutions (Ayin) is a population health management company focused on helping organizations that are committed to improving patient outcomes maintain stability in a tumultuous healthcare landscape through a comprehensive approach that values the total healthcare experience.

Ayin will operate as a subsidiary of Providence Plan Partners and provide an avenue for revenue diversification through a for-profit, non-risk bearing entity offering an integrated suite of services and technology to clients within and external to Providence St. Joseph Health.

The healthcare industry has realized that the old way of fee-for-service care is not working or sustainable. As a result, the healthcare industry is experiencing a monumental shift in how care is provided.

PSJH, like many health systems, is transforming our business to ensure we are meeting the needs of our communities, addressing the evolving healthcare industry changes and sustaining our mission of providing compassionate care for all.

Payers, providers, employers and government entities are looking for solutions to aid in their transition from a fee-based model of care to value-based care. Ayin is the answer – the company will leverage its leadership, day-to-day frontline expertise and heritage of service that spans decades to help organizations achieve clinical and financial success.

Ayin will offer a suite of population health management services, giving organizations the option to buy à la carte solutions to address their unique business needs.

Ayin will continue to provide direct services to each PSJH region, as well as external constituents, including payers, providers, employers, and government entities.

Currently only $0.85 per dollar is used for healthcare. Our goal is to shift the premium allocation equation to make the business of healthcare more beneficial to everyone involved, from patients to providers to administrators.

Ayin’s establishment as a for-profit company allows us to work directly with payers, providers, employers, and government entities. It also gives us the flexibility to acquire new capabilities, technologies, capital and strategic partnerships.

Ayin will also serve as a growth vehicle for PSJH, as it will eliminate financial limitations and allow us to diversify our revenue.

Ayin’s service offerings are the core competencies of the great work that PSJH already does today. With Ayin, we are now packaging our services to sell to other organizations who would benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

PSJH already has 1.3 million people enrolled in value-based care programs, including our own caregivers, and a rich history in providing compassionate care.